In a global society, it is easy to get lost.

The worst enemy anybody can have is anonymity! You want to be counted, to be more than a statistic. It is not easy.

Many young people are going into gangs, hoping to find that elusive acceptance. They might not find it at home, in school, not even in church… Of course, some bring that upon themselves as their behavior raises walls of rejection. Drugs, alcohol, immorality and violence are but a few of the excesses associated with a rebellious lifestyle. And it’s all because you want to belong. Unfortunately, the structures of our society are clueless as to finding ways to change the trend. The more accommodating this culture becomes, the less successful it is in creating a platform for the young generation. Even though most trends have to do with attracting youth, in final analysis happiness is not achieved.

Parents beware:

A poll conducted not long ago, found that a majority of young people lack direction, principles and discipline in life! They wait for their parents, teachers, people in authority to provide these, while we think they want less of them. It’s not what they say, it’s what they need! And they know!

But even with all that can be done to change this course, it’s not enough. The youth of today inherits the legacy of rebellion, immorality and godlessness from the most degraded generation in history: the 60′s bunch!

Their clothes, music, attitudes and lifestyle had corrupted the very fabric of the soul. Now, they reap what they sowed! A vicious circle of sinfulness is entangling our children, and its tentacles are reaching generation after generation of easy prey.

Interestingly, as they are “preaching” tolerance, try to stand out and see how they like it! Militancy and advocacy are the tools that enable a minority to impose its will on the majority! Everything that stands against their “ways” is labeled as hate speech, bigotry and discrimination! Through continuous exposure to these atrocious alternative lifestyles, the cycle was complete: they didn’t want mere acceptance but to be celebrated!

The chain can be broken in only one way: FAITH! Not just any faith! Faith in Jesus as the Son of God and Savior! Embracing His lifestyle! Embracing Him! Being embraced by Him and accepted in the family of God!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

2 răspunsuri sa “BE ACCEPTED AND BELONG (YOUTH)”

  1. „and it’s tentacles”
    „enable a minority to impose it’s will on the majority”.
    Nu trebuie sa lasati comentariul vizibil, va atrag doar atentia ca in cazurile de mai sus forma corecta este its, nu it’s.

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