Thank you to all who are supporting Marius and Ruth and their children (“Family”) relating to the Norwegian Barnevernet taking away their children (“situation”). In order to help dispel confusion and suspicions, we now have somewhat sufficient and cohesive information to help clarify the situation.

 On Wednesday, November 18th, I communicated details of the Family’s situation to several Christian organizations, including NEWSNET; the platform that was first on the scene to distribute this news story. In my email to NEWSNET (i.e. “Breaking News”), I shared the situation as best I could with all the information then available to me. I copied Marius on the email and he was, at a later time after NEWSNET published the story, able to respond with some clarifications. Marius’ clarifying points enabled us to send out a more detailed update later in the week. Today, Saturday, November 21, we are sharing the most recent updates available and a comprehensive and refined account of the situation.


– Initially, we reported that Ruth was left at home with baby Ezekiel. It turns out that Ruth was not left home with the baby; she was arrested and taken to the police station at the same time that the two older boys were taken by the Barnevernet.

– Initially, we reported that Marius came home from work to find out what was happening. It turns out that Marius was also arrested, at work, and taken to the police for interrogation. Communications with Marius and Ruth were then impossible as the police confiscated their phones.

– The most accurate account of what happened will be coming from Marius at a later time. Unfortunately, at this point, Marius and Ruth are devastated and trying to sort through real-time developments as they occur. Legal counsel has advised Marius and Ruth to refrain from disseminating further in-depth details of the case, as customary in any legal proceedings, to avoid stalling and/or negatively impacting their Family’s case.

– We will make more details available based on the advice and counsel of the legal team assisting Marius and Ruth. Until that time, Marius has asked me, to keep you informed of what he shares via our phone conversations.

 Below is a revised summary of the situation timeline:

 – Monday, Nov. 16th, Eliana and Naomi were taken by the Barnevernet and taken to a hidden location. The Barnevernet then came to the Family home, took Matthew and John, and arrested Ruth (both Ruth and Ezekiel were taken to the Police station). Marius was arrested at work and also brought to the police station. After many hours of interrogation, Marius and Ruth were allowed to return home with baby Ezekiel.

– Note: Neither Marius or Ruth have seen or made contact with any of the four older children.

– Tuesday, Nov 17th, Barnevernet, accompanied by four policemen, came to the Family home and took 3 month old baby Ezekiel because they considered that the mother was “dangerous.” At the same time, Ruth was told that their four children were placed in two separate foster homes, have already integrated, and that the children don’t miss them.

– Wednesday, Nov 18th, Marius and Ruth met with a lawyer who informed them of their legal rights. The lawyer highlighted that the Barnevernet should have been presented parents with written legal accusations at the time of the arrest and that it was the baby’s right to remain with the mother while being breastfed. On Wednesday, Marius and Ruth were informed that their 3 month old baby was taken to Bergen, a city 4 hours away from their town.

– Thursday, Nov 19th, after legal consultations and interrogations, Marius and Ruth were given permission to drive to Bergen and see baby Ezekiel. Ruth, alone, was given two hours to see and be with the baby.

– Friday, Nov 20th, Ruth was able to visit with the baby again. (I am told she can see him again today, Nov 21st, and tomorrow, Nov 22nd)

 After meeting with their lawyer, Marius was able to look at the docket clarifying the legal accusations filed against them. Among other things, there was the accusation that the parents and grandparents are radical Christians and are indoctrinating the children. The Barnevernet abused their power, broke Norwegian laws, already harshly stacked against parents, and violated the due course of the law as established in that country.

 Monday, Nov. 23rd, is a very important day for the Family. The older children will be interviewed by “specialists” and the Barnevernet will determine if the case will proceed to Court. It is expected that if enough evidence against Marius and Ruth is not gathered before Monday, the children might be allowed to go home with their parents and as a family. We are praying and hoping for this outcome, as our efforts support the reuniting of the children with their parents.

 What I have written here is a short summary of the Family’s long “Calvary,” there are no words to describe their suffering. We consider that the most impacting assistance you can provide is by continuing to fast and pray for the Family. Secondly, we appreciate your support in signing the petition initiated by Pastor Cristian Ionescu from Chicago; an effort that has already attained in excess of 13,000 signatures, Praise God! The petition website is:

 I would also like to again reiterate that there is currently no need for monetary support. For those who don’t speak English, there was some confusion regarding the petition and monetary donations. Those who sign the petition receive a thank you message with a solicitation for donations at the bottom of the page. Some well-intentioned brothers and sisters thought the donations are being made for my brother and Ruth. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The donation request if for those who would like to support and sustain the efforts of those who host the petition website. We apologize for any misunderstandings related to this point.

 We created Facebook page for the Family and the situation that serves as the one place that will update supporters as to developments:…/…

 We created this page for those who use social media with the sole purpose of drawing prayer support for Marius, Ruth, and their children as they go through this trial. Conversations or accusations against Norwegian authorities on this page, or other venues regarding this situation, do not benefit the Family or situation. I understand that the lack of details can be frustrating but our proceeding in alignment with the requests of the Family’s legal counsel is in the best interest of the Family.

 We would like to again thank you for your help and support through prayer! We are part of the big family of Jesus Christ and He will work towards the good of His children! Marius and Ruth have expressed their appreciation for your support in prayer throughout! Glory be to God!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

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