We are grateful to all that showed their trust and supported us in fasting and prayer, encouraging messages, signing the online petition and expressing their indignation as we go through this great hardship. 

We know that all that and even the initiatives to organize public protests are a sincere reaction to the hardship and injustice done to their fellow man. We appreciate and admire your involvement!

We would like to thank all media forums (online news channels, TV and radio stations, newspapers, blogs, internet pages) who brought attention to our case and gave us a voice in this time of trouble. Please continue to support us!

Besides the public appeals and discussions, we are also involved in a legal battle for the reunification of our family, part of which are legal firms and organization for the protection of families and Christian rights. All initiatives of protest must be organized legally, logistically, publicized in due time to insure mobilization and maximum impact.

Therefore, to channel all efforts in an organized manner and efficiently, we would like to coordinate these initiatives, which we need and are grateful for.

At the right time and in consultation with the team supervising our case, all these actions will be publicly announced by pastor Cristian Ionescu. For all information or to communicate your initiatives, please contact him personally at the email address or on Facebook via Messenger.

Because of the extremely high volume of messages, we ask for your patience with the assurance that the messages will be read and answered.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support!

On behalf of the family,
Daniel Bodnariu 

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


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