While the proposed target has been modified a few times, up to the 25000 mark, this target has been reached and exceeded, and continue to ask for your signatures, expressing our support for Bodnariu Family.

For those of you whose patience is running thin and are asking for actions on a bigger scale (protests) we share the same spirit and we also feel the need to do a lot more.
We needed this time in which we were able to apply some pressure, but not beyond certain limits because we wanted to create an environment in which the Norwegian authorities were given the opportunity to withdraw themselves in a graceful way from the deep negative publicity hole they dug themselves into. If the diplomatic efforts and if the pressures exerted by the head personalities representing the Evangelical and pro family organizations, and our media approach (including the online petition) are continuing to be ignored in this case, sooner rather than later we will find ourselves in the position of taking more drastic measures.

We are understanding of and sharing in your frustration! But in such an effort, when dealing with a government, a country, we must efficiently channel our initiatives to an increased intensity, taking constantly in consideration the actions that are happening behind the scenes. 

We have a strong belief that this case could be a very important platform for protecting and promoting authentic Christian values, and for the revitalization of the faith that was once and for all entrusted to all the saints, including those living in the midst of a heathen West! 

This is going to be a significant and lengthy spiritual war!

Indeed, this will also mean public events, but not in the flesh! To be victorious in this struggle, God’s people must prepare themselves spiritually: holiness, prayer, fasting and being filled with the Holly Spirit! Our goal should be more than just reuniting the Bodnariu family, this is just the beginning, but continuing and wanting to be a testimony in the midst of this lost generation! 

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


  1. Vorba proverbului: „Unde numai se vorbeste….”
    Unde sunt Jesse Jackson si Al Sharpton ? Ne ar fi de folos…..mult mai de folos ca ce avem.

  2. Medeea Munteanu Weiss Răspunde 2 decembrie 2015 la 12:35 AM

    In urma cu cativa ani, Romania era criticata de Baroneasa Nicholsson ca nu are grija de copii. Ii poate sugera cineva doamnei baronese ca s-a ivit un nou punct de lucru pentru dansa in Norvegia? Doar se pricepea bine la monitorizari. Cred ca e momentul sa fie supravegheat sistemul de (ne)protectie a copilului din aceasta tara. Un alt lucru este acela ca toata lumea se incanta de posibilitatile casei regale din Romania si poate ca ar putea ajuta ca anumite discutii sa fie purtate intre regalitatea romaneasca (ce a mai ramas din ea) si cea norvegiana pe marginea acestui caz!

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