There is an inherent problem with all the departments, services and entitlements bred by governments:

They start as noble and necessary programs, but end up as tools of control, oppression and arbitrary evaluation and redistribution.

I understand abuse, violence and crime against children, the most innocent and vulnerable segment in our society: after all, I’m against abortion!

I understand there could be real cases of child neglect, abandonment, extreme discipline and molestation.

I also know that liberals, usually in the forefront of these social programs, tend to overreach, go to far, becoming proactive, militant and intolerant.

Barnevernet has proven to be such an institution. Its reason to exist has changed in time from a protective safety net for nobody’s children to an oppressive police, confiscating somebody’s children, capable of taking away anybody’s children, promoting and imposing self serving laws that make everybody’s children fair game.

Barnevernet is no longer a standby agency, ready to intervene in cases of real abuse, but has become an intentional arm of the state, looking for opportunities, more or less perceived, on a clear mission to justify its own existence.

Therefore, the actions they take against families supposedly abusive are bordering madness only surpassed by fascism and nazism.

I’m from a former communist country, led by a reckless and brutal dictator. I would have never imagined such anti-family, anti-parents and anti-children practices by any government.

Now, if a child shows clear signs of abuse, unless it’s life threatening and/or attacking his/her moral innocence, there would have to be warning and corrective steps before separating the child from the parents. 

Instead of using it as a last resort action, when all else failed and the situation proves to be irremediably dangerous for the child, Barnevernet is ignoring social, psychological and emotional bonds and realities of life, deifying itself to be the almighty, all knowing and all powerful entity in charge of everyone’s happiness and well being. That’s arrogance on a luciferic scale.

Out of supposed charity, they intimidate, manipulate and victimize the very children they pretend to protect, just so they could force the intended outcome on every case.

They took advantage of a manipulated, naïve and indolent nation to perpetrate the worst kind of offense against God, His Word and His institutions.

Unfortunately, many Christians and churches had been brainwashed as well or intimidated into silence.

If there is any grace left for Norway and the world at large, Barnevernet and such institutions will share in the end the demise of all oppressive entities. First, the public will become aware of the dark practices and interests of this agency, as we can clearly see signs of such awakening. Second, there will be political pressure to change. The problem is, a heavy bureaucracy with personal and group interests at its core cannot change if its life depended on it! Remember all the oppressive systems that could not reform themselves!

And when the public discontent and ultimately the fury of the people will be unleashed, it’s a matter of time before the whole system crumbles.

That’s why their first advice, kindly offered through their teeth to parents is: if you want your children back, no legal counsel, no negative publicity, just wait patiently until we build our case. If you do not cooperate in your own incrimination, you will never see your children again.

Oh, by the way, if they can… help the parents to turn on each other, that’ll be the day: case solved by forcing a suitable outcome!

What democracy, humane society is working so hard at creating such horrors? Make no mistake about it: Barnevernet is nothing in and of itself! Behind it are the same powers that created the conditions and brought about the legalization of abortions, homosexual marriages and is now destroying the last vestiges of normalcy and decency in this world but even more so, the last obstacles in the way of their new world : the biblical family and the biblical Church!

Unfortunately, the demise of abusive systems is little consolation for their victims. 

In the end, the good they were initially created to do, and maybe they did for awhile, was overwhelmingly outweighed by the evil they perpetrated.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pessimist! I still believe God is on His throne! One day, justice will be served and the wicked will be punished! But first, the cup of iniquity and persecution has to be filled drop by drop. And, from where I stand, Barnevernet is sending a lot of tears in it!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


  1. Se poate si in Romana va rog .

  2. E adevarat! Cand Dumnezeu este scos dintr-o societate atunci nimic nu mai pare greu de imaginat. Au fost lasati „in voia mintii lor blestemate” cum spune Pavel in Romani pt ca n-au cautat sa pastreze pe Dumnezeu in cunostinta lor.

  3. omeneste se mai pot face anumite lucruri cum ar fi de luat legatura prin mijloacele de socializare cu majoritatea celor ce au avut probleme cu barnevernet si creat un eveniment de exemplu pe facebook cum s-a facut la Colectiv (pacat ca romanii s-au oprit dupa ce a plecat Ponta…). Multi sunt revoltati impotriva lor si ar vrea sa treaca la fapte numa ca de unul singur nu ai cum sa biruiesti un intreg sistem. Daca se ajunge la mobilizarea unui anumit numar de oameni se poate face ceva. Problema e ca norvegienii sunt cam nepasatori.

  4. A very good article that I took the liberty to translate and publsih in Norwegan on my timeline. Forgive me if you don’t want it spread. I did mention your name and link to this blog.

  5. I went thru a similar situation 10 years ago. One difference between my case and Bodnarius’ case is that my case was in process while the kids stayed with me, and the second difference is that I was guilty and they are not. I went to a store to make a return. I took 4 of my children with me and left one sleeping in the car. When I came outside the police was waiting for me. They opened a case against me for a good reason and sent Cps to control my house. A big control was done inside my house (opened kitchen closet, refrigerator, drawers in the bedrooms, everything possible, when an inspection is done. My house was normal and they didn’t find nothing to use against me. I was left alone for 2 years. No other incident had happened but after 2 years I received a letter asking me to go to the police station on a given day. When in the police station, I was told that I am arested for what happened 2 years ago. A court case was opened where I learned that I will lose my children because I was guilty of leaving my child in the car. When I realized that my case was not a simple game, I asked for the right to an attorney. At this pointe I had my case transferred to „Frank Murphy Hall Of Justice”, a court for criminals to make things more difficult . Here my case was dismissed. Before I had my case rezolved, I heard stories from my community of people ,who had to pay tens of thousands of dollars to have their case rezolved. I was ready to pay even if I didn’t have the money. I was thinking about borrowing some money. But God answered my prayers and my case was dismissed without paying any court costs. God is my father and He didn’t allow my enemy to do what they were ready to do.God was with me in the criminal court.God was in control of everything from the first moment of this ordeal. Praise God for his power. I wrote this letter to serve as an encourajament to Ruth and Marius and all the family. I didn’t want to but I has an impulse inside my heart and finally I wrote. I don’t like to talk about what happened to me, but I like to talk about my Fathers’ power. Ruth and Marius stay strong and know that He is with you.” Even though you walk through the darkest valley, you will fear no evil, for He is with you;” My thoughts are with you every single day since I heared about your tragedy. With love …..

  6. Arianne H. Christiansen Răspunde 4 decembrie 2015 la 6:32 AM please here this video of 24 minutes. With the help from everything that IS, I managed to catch Barnevernet on their lies, and contradictions. Aften an unusual experience some years ago, I was put on a mission to do what I have done. On the of November 2015, The police in Kongsberg, the town in Norway where these crimes has been committed, opened an investigation. The police in cargo at this time is Laila Seim Krogh. She can confirm to any press or media who want to write about it, that it is true. Her phone number in Norway is: +47 32 86 93 07. To my knowledge, this is the first time in history, ever, that the humans working in barnevernet in Norway has been investigated, by criminal law, for their conduct in a barnevern case. Houndreds of parents have tried to file reports to the police, with documentation and facts, only to be told that the police will not start any investigation. The media in Norway don´t want to write about this. They have been noticed multiple times…and so far it is silent. Pls spread the news. It would help a lot if some media abroad, outside Norway, picked up on this, and stated this historical fact for all the families who is fighting these horrible cases, to give them hope ❤

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