One thing is clear: when we want to do something, we do it with passion, we are relentless, we sacrifice and we are proud to do it as Romanians!

So far, the protests went very well! Participation and organization was great, the behavior of our people was irreproachable and the message was clear: we are here to stay!

After Bucharest and Madrid, Dublin, London, Rome, Brussels and, of course, Washington will follow! 

And then…

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but unless and until Bodnariu’s children will be given back to their parents, we will not stop, we will not get tired, instead, if anything, we will be more determined to end the atrocities committed by this evil institution of Norway, Barnevernet!

How do I know? Because we are hurt, very hurt! And we cannot sleep very well, mothers are crying, fathers are gnashing their teeth, children are asking painfully smart questions!

How do I know? Because by the tens of thousands we are taking on this system, we’ve taken to the streets, the media is outraged, the politicians are talking about it and…

And, first and foremost, we are fasting, praying and believing God will intervene at the right time, in the right way!

Praise the Lord!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

9 răspunsuri sa “SO VERY PROUD TO BE ROMANIAN”

  1. Slavit sa fie Domnul! Nu ne vom lasa pana cand nu vom vedea rezultate. Domnul sa dea izbanda!

  2. Am copiat acest mesaj de pe urmatorul link:

    „Sunați și trimiteți SMS la Barnevernet în sprijinul familiei Bodnariu!

    DECEMBER 26, 2015 / NELURS

    Pe langa semnarea petitiei lansate pe Facebook la pagina, petitie care a depasit cifra de 44 000 de semnatari, va sugeram sa trimiteti mesaje SMS catre numarul de telefon 00 47 41 71 61 11, numar la care se preiau toate sesizarile prin SMS, sau sa sunati la numarul de Alarma al Barnevernet din Norvegia 00 47 95 41 17 55!

    Aceste numere sunt puse la dispozitie special pentru sesizari in cazuri de urgenta si nu se percep taxe pentru apel sau SMS!

    Trimiteti SMS-uri din Romania sau din oricare alt stat al lumii pana cand toti din aceasta institutie vor fi alarmati / exasperati de multimea mesajelor primite din partea sustinatorilor si vor lua o decizie in acest sens!
    In sms ar trebui specificata localitatea in care s-a facut abuzul (Naustdal, localitatea in care locuieste familia Bodnariu).
    Un mesaj tip ar putea fi “We are very concerned about the 5 Bodnariu children, who were abusively confiscated by barnevernet Naustdal on november 16, 2015. Can you please investigate?”

    Ii rugam pe toti cei care telefoneaza sa fie respectuosi cu Barnevernet, sa le comunice ca noi ii iubim si ne rugam pentru ei, ca ii intelegem si nu dorim decat sa reanalizeze decizia lor!”


  3. Andrei pentru Budnariu Răspunde 27 decembrie 2015 la 4:03 AM

    Un astfel de protest va avea loc in Amsterdam, 9 Ianuarie.

  4. Bravo tuturor!

    Care este data si locul pentru Roma?

    La fel inca nu se stiu detaliile pentru Amsterdam, Dublin..

  5. If My People Who Are Called By My Name Will Humble Themselves, And Pray And Seek My Face, And Turn From Their Wicked Ways, Then I Will Hear From Heaven, And Will Forgive Their Sin And Heal Their Land. – 2 Chron. 7:14

    NORWAY -Your time to repent is here and NOW!

  6. Detalii pentru Amsterdam sunt necesare.

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