Let this be a warning to our youth being fascinated by all these American churches and ignorantly justifying them as „solid food” when in fact they depart sound doctrine. This is from a Norwegian friend, pastor in Norway:

„About a week ago I read your article about the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement. You’ve  got many important facts there, but I would like to tell you a little more about our pentecostals and our history.
As you maybknow, the Pentecostal movement came to both Norway and northern Europe by pastor T.B. Barrat. He was a methodist pastor, that went to the US to collect some money for his mission among orphans. This was late in the year 1905. In New York he got to know about the things happening at Azusa Street in Los Angeles. Well, Barratt did never attend a meeting in Azusa Street himself, but experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit in New York.
Coming back to Oslo and Europe early in 1906, the break-through of the pentecostal movement started. And it was really great! Wonderful things happened, just as in Arad in 1921. What a wonderful time!
I would like to mention the names of some of our precious heroes from the very beginning of the Pentecostal Movement in Norway: Barrat was the leader, and with him was the former swedish baptist pastor Lewi Pethrus. Among the heroes was also Rein Seehus and Egil Strand. They were the leaders of the first generation of pentecostals in Norway.
Last year died a very beloved brother who was the last one from the second generation of pentecostal leaders. His name was Emanuel Minos. In his generation we also had Thorall Gilbrandt, who was the author of the Complete Study Bible (English) and Illustrert Bibelleksikon (Norwegian) and Studiebibelen (Norwegian). Together with them, in the second generation of pentecostal leaders were strong and good leaders like Sverre Kornmo, Hans Svartdal, Tom Erlandsen, Morgan Kornmo and Ludvig Karlsen. They are all gone now….
In the third generation of pentecostal leaders we have seen a fall from the clear doctrine and sincere biblical line that we kept from the time of the pioneers. Now the majority of the pentecostal leaders are very fascinated by the Word of Faith movement, and false teachers like Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard Browne, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen etc.
I guess it is all the same as you have seen in the US. Instead of listening to sincere men like AW Tozer, Leonhard Ravenhill and David Wilkerson, they rather choose Kenneth Hagin with his JDS and all this false teachings and manifestations….
During the last years our pentecostal churches had been very much „inspired” by Betel Church in Redding California. Many Norwegian teenagers had been over there to bible school. Also the school of Rodney Howard Browne in Tampa is a popular one.
So, here we’ve got all the Kundalini show….
And this has in many ways separated the Pentecostal movement in two. The little old conservative line and this big majority as I now told you about…
I think it could be good for you to know this…
Your brother in Jesus (-)”

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


  1. This movement (specially Bethel) is already inside our churches… Listen to the music played at youth conventions and in most youth nights…

  2. I guess this is what is going to happen in Romania too. We are just a few years behind.. In fact, our 3rd generation is on the way if not already there! Can’t you notice them? I’ll give you a hint: they are very good showmen indeed.

  3. Tare fain interviul in exclusivitate cu familia Bodnariu si cum sa prezentat acest caz pe postul national de televiziune TVR.

  4. There you have it… Bethel Redding making waves in Europe as we already know they have infiltrated Romania! Invatatura falsa, fara predicarea pocaintei, fara sfintenie. Dar cu pene, praf de aur, si abur din tevile de aer conditionat (zic ei ca e prezenta Domnului fizica)

    Dar de fapt, la ce ne mai asteptam de la Norvegia, o tara unde Anders Breivik care a omarat 77 persoane cu 5 ani in urma va fi eliberat peste vreo cativa anisori…

    Everything is upside down in Norway.

  5. Parca nu iti vine sa crezi ca si in Norvegia a fost odata CREDINTA.
    Toate datele de astazi arata apostazia, intai au venit asa zis LIBERALII;
    care au deturnat sensurile adevarului, au facut din atributele lui Dumnezeu
    ceva PARTIAL,ceea ce la Dumnezeu nu exista,
    a i diminua tu ca si om ,lui Dumnezeu din atribute, inseamna un inceput de apostazie:
    EL s a dat pt UNII ca sa fie mantuiti DOAR UNII ,
    nu S A DAT PENTRU TOTI asa cum este SCRIS.
    Dumnezeu a stiut cine IL va asculta si S a descoperit NUMAI ACELORA .
    Doamne da ne la toti un EU-mic si o credinta mare!

    Arata /le Doamne norvegienilor ce este dincolo de moarte, pentru ca AU UITAT!



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