Solveig Horne, Norwegian Minister for Children and Equality, and Elisabeth Aspaker, Minister of UE / SEE Affair, had communicated through a joint press release in which they say that no political or otherwise public pressure would be taken into consideration as it applies to a specific Barnevernet case, probably indirectly referring to the Bodnariu Case.

Seriously? Then, if they are not even looking into a specific case, how are they going about reforming that corrupt and abusive system? Based on what if not specific complaints?

Maybe, just maybe, the Ministers already recognized that the system is beyond repair, so they plan to completely dismantle it! Then, it would make sense not to go into any specific case, it would be a waste of time since Barnevernet would be abolished anyway!

OK, maybe I’m going too far, they might want to reform the system, but it would be such an impossible task to review all cases, one by one, that they intend to give CPS a clean slate and get rid of all the cases and start anew. Fine!

But if in fact they don’t care about any protests – international and NATIONAL: five protest locations in Norway! – about specific cases such as the Bodnariu’s Case because Barnevernet is considered to be right 99% of the time (100% would be too obvious?…), why do they even bother to talk about improving anything about the system!?

Oh, and then, it’s that confidentiality clause which prevents them to disclose any details about a specific case (meaning, they won’t be accountable to anyone).

OK, Madam Horne and Madam Aspaker, then we’ll not ask about a specific case anymore (silly us!), but for the abolition of Barnevernet all together, your supposed CPS! Would that work for you?

P.S. By the way, just in case I missed it and, please, excuse my ignorance, is there anything and/or anybody you WOULD take into consideration, since we are talking about people’s lives here?


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Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


  1. FACTS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, MADAM MINISTER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9G7n9UOEww and look here, Norway’s depraved activities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEGzBcbYWgw
    Please…no more beating around the bush, Madam! You know about these facts, as we all have seen these cruel methods of Norway confiscating the children of immigrants!

  2. Reblogged this on agnus dei – english + romanian blog and commented:
    AMEN to pastor Christian Ionescu: Maybe, just maybe, the Ministers already recognized that the system is beyond repair, so they plan to completely dismantle it!!!!!

  3. Pacat ca un articol atat de important, tradus pe google este o mizerie
    Poate face cineva un bine si se straduieste sa ne traduca.
    Ne interesa f mult.

  4. Solveig Horne and many others in the Norwegian government know so well that they are accomplices in this criminal Barnevernet affair. They all face jail sometime in the future. This is why Horne is so desperate and defiant in everything she does concerning the state of the children in Norway and specifically Bodnariu’s case. Norway is guilty of crimes against humanity! https://www.facebook.com/notes/john-infrason/why-norway-should-be-indicted-for-crimes-against-humanity-by-the-international-c/1671624339721477


    The Norway’s totalitarian Rules and Regulations surrounding State-sponsored confiscation of Bodnarius’ family members (children) from their family sanctuary, purport to sanction the use of religious-driven phrases and ideologies, by parents, as „abuse of children”. And on this charge alone, the Barnevernet may confiscate the children from that family–as in the case of the Bodnarius. Expressing religiously-nuanced phrases and any such sentences orally to children, in Norway, it surely attracts the wrath of the State-sponsored confiscation of children from affected families by the totalitarian Barnevernet. Even trivial „manifestations” [singing a little religious song] by parents or children are perceived as „abuse”, and on those charges alone, the reprehensible and odious Barnevernet may confiscate the children from that family–as in the case of the Bodnarius family. Other trivial „manifestations” can be gleaned from the videos on youtube or complaints written on Internet by the emotionally traumatized parents.

    Norway State-sponsored invasion of parental sanctuary and infringing on God-ordained authority conferred upon parents is only one drastic part of the manifest violation of international human rights. Every Constitution of our modern democracies declare parental authority and family sanctuary as an inviolable principle of jurisprudence upon which society depends. In United States of America, under the Fourth Amendment’s Bill of Rights, even an „expectation of privacy” deserves protection by the federal Courts, in addition to the „right to be secure in the houses, papers and effects”– the society’s family’s sanctuary, and keystone of the governmental structure which was contemplated by the Constitution and Common Law.

    Norway State-sponsored intentional infliction of emotional distress is the other drastic aspect of violation of the international human rights. The invasion of family sanctuary and confiscation of its minor members (children) by the State-sponsored child services agency is cognizant in all democracies as a „severe emotional distress”–that is extreme and outrageous conduct that causes suffering such that no reasonable person should have to endure it. A mother (or father, or both) who experiences and witnesses the forceful separation from her children by State-sponsored actors, which by their abusive and negligent conduct, inflict severe emotional distress is legally entitled to recover (compensated) for her „emotional trauma” and any bodily accompanying injury!

    Finally, there are 13 important human rights which Norway has violated–and must compensate Bodnariu family, and many other victims, for the harm inflicted on them. Following are these human rights violated by Norway:

    (1) European Convention on Human Rights, released on 04/11/1950, Art. 6 (para. 2), Art. 8, Art.9, Art.13 &14.

    (2) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Art. 18, 23 and 24.

    (3) UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Art.8 para. 1 and 2, and Art.14(4)

    (4) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Art.18.

    (5) International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination Art. 5, Para. 7.

    These 13 violations are enough to indict and convict Norway in any federal or International Court of Law.

    In light of the foregoing, even if the State returns the minor members (children) to their original family sanctuary, the parents of these minor persons (children) are left with serious scars and wounds for the rest of their lives! Who is going to compensate these thousands of victims, such as the Bodnarius, if the international community continues to turn a blind eye to the aforementioned outrageous conduct of Norway State and its odious actors?

  6. FAILURE FOR NORWAY GOVERNMENT and its state instrumentality to be, act and conduct themselves in a TRANSPARENT manner is a violation of Due Process–that every human being is entitled pursuant to Constitution and laws of nations! All of Norway’s trumpeting [much ado] about its „confidential” laws when doing business with the public is not indicative of a democratic process, but instead is indicative to and conducive of a totalitarian process with the face of an little evil empire! Such monstrous practices should be tossed to the dustbin of history, where they belong!

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