It was exhausting just to think about it: from New Zeeland and Australia, across Europe, over the ocean, from coast to coast in North America, closing the circle in Hawaii! 

Dozens of cities, tens of thousands of protesters, all with one cause: reunite the Bodnariu children, address the many abuses committed by Barnevernet of Norway against families, Romanians and many other nationalities!

It is true, many in the media are still reluctant to embrace the cause. Not yet, anyway! But, I believe, History will!

This is going to be a classic example of a people with a destiny! Romania is one of the most disadvantaged countries in recorded history. Geographically located at the crossroads between great, agressive, conquering empires, our country was always paying a high price for that prime location! It was hard to survive there!

Then, as Romania started to affirm itself on the world stage, World War II came! Then, Communism and Ceaușescu!

Hundreds of thousands of Romanians flew the oppressive regime! And after the Revolution that overthrew that system, immigration swelled into the millions for economic reasons.

All over the planet, in most countries of the free world, before long, you are going to meet some Romanians! They keep in touch with their relatives back in the native land, they know what’s going on there, they established churches, publications, media outlets, TV and radio stations everywhere they went!

Also, many Romanians are very conservative, traditional and Christian in their beliefs, some even in their lifestyle.

The Bodnariu Case was the catalyst that united us in a common cause and inspired us to witness for the values that represent us!

When the Norwegian Minister Madame Horne said that the system will be firm and not crack under the international pressure, I couldn’t help but smirk… not in a condescending way, but – I confess – feeling pity for her ignorance.

We come from a country so dominated by a tyrant, we thought he will never be overthrown! A few days before his demise he was as in control and defiant as ever!

Yes, defiance, that’s the right word to describe Madame Horne’s attitude! But under that facade, the system is cracking and soon will crumble to dust! You know why? Because this is the predictable outcome of every oppressive system!

Madame Horne, Barnevernet and Norway, we’re on the right side of History! But you, you’re on the other side…

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

5 răspunsuri sa “16th OF APRIL, 2016, A DAY FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS”

  1. Cred ca aceasta zi memorabila reprezinta si o trezire puternica a celor care sunt departe. Adevarul este ca nu este confortabil sa fii strain. Ca ti se calca drepturile in picioare si ca nu esti intotdeauna considerat ca un cetatean cu drepturi egale, chiar daca respecti legile si te supui conditiilor din tara „surogat”. Ca in caz de nevoie, nu te apara nimeni si esti strain peste tot, chiar si cand te intorci putin pe acasa. Dar cand ti se ia speranta viitorului, cand se ating de copiii tai…..
    Autoritatile romane ar trebui sa auda si sa ia masuri, pentru ca cetatenii romani sa nu mai fie obligati sa plece si mai ales ca sa creeze conditii pentru ca cei care doresc sa se poata intoarce.
    Sa largeasca cortul si sa taie viteii, ca va fi tumult mare.

    George Cosbuc – Vestitorii primaverii

    Dintr-alte tari, de soare pline,
    Pe unde-ati fost si voi straine,
    Veniti, dragi pasari, inapoi
    Veniti cu bine!
    De frunze si de cantec goi,
    Plang codrii cei lipsiti de voi.
    In zarea cea de veci albastra
    Nu v-a prins dragostea sihastra
    De ceea ce-ati lasat? Nu v-a fost dor
    De tara voastra?
    N-ati plans vazand cum trece-n zbor
    Spre miazanoapte nor de nor?
    Voi ati cantat cu glas fierbinte
    Naturii calde imnuri sfinte,
    Ori doine dragi, cand v-ati adus
    De noi aminte!

    Strainilor voi nu le-ati spus
    Ca doine ca a noastre nu-s?
    Si-acum veniti cu drag in tara!
    Voi revedeti campia iara,
    Si cuiburile voastre-n crang!
    E vara, vara!
    As vrea la suflet sa va strang,
    Sa rad de fericit, sa plang!
    Cu voi vin florile-n campie
    Si noptile cu poezie
    Si vanturi line, calde ploi
    Si veselie.
    Voi toate le luati cu voi
    Si iar le-aduceti inapoi!

  2. Va rog mult de tot sa traduceti textul de mai sus ,sa intelegem si noi din tara, care nu vorbesc engleza .Va multumesc pentru intelegere.


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