I’m stunned by the liberal aggressiveness! I knew they were obnoxious, but now they went too far!

I mean, I would understand why LGBT kinds need jobs, food, air and water!

I also understand they need restrooms! So, if Target or anyone else is invested in and sensitive to their needs, let them built separately designated LGBT  (for people that feel like men, women, neutral or are temporarily confused) restrooms. I would love to have them use different ones than the rest of us anyway!

Until then, bye-bye Target!

PS We have one very close to our house. Went there frequently (few times a week) for toiletries (no pun intended) and other stuff, so this is not just a statement…

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

2 răspunsuri sa “I WILL BOYCOTT TARGET”

  1. If you guys are into letting businesses know what you think, here’s a link that sends emails directly to Target. Letter is already written you just sign it. (And you can add to it if you want)

  2. I’ll do it the same….

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