As you all know, I did not vote for, I am not very fond of and I don’t like Donald Trump’s perceived character, style and demeanor. I agree with some of his policies, but as an Evangelical pastor, as far as I’m concerned, his stance on homosexual marriage, bathroom gender access and his involvement with the casino industry are a non-starter.

I respect each and everyone’s position on the matter and I hope you’ll all respect mine.

I completely despise the Democratic agenda and worldview and I’m very suspicious of governments in general and the US government in particular.

Now that you know where I stand, if you didn’t already, let me say that I’m reluctantly and cautiously encouraged by three very early positions firmly and vehemently expressed by President-elect Trump:


It cannot be sufficiently emphasized how much the prosperity and God’s providence, even America’s existence depends upon its total and unconditional support for the State of Israel! Be it secular, immoral, whatever, the State of Israel is part of the prophetic blueprint that God has for the end times. Out of this will come the remnant that turns to and accepts Christ. And for them, our Lord will come at the pinnacle of history, to deliver and protect.

Donald Trump strongly affirmed his support for Israel and for that I commend him!


In the last 25 years, network after network had succumbed to liberal bias, to the point that half of the political spectrum was rehashed to look picture perfect (liberal progressivism), while conservatism (especially Christian conservatism) had been painted as radical, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, racist and downright dangerous.

Trump’s direct war on the biased media is refreshing and long overdue. Only one word of caution though: there is the temptation to go to the other extreme, which would be unfortunate, for we need to check on ALL our representatives and keep them honest. Objective, responsible media is crucial in that respect!


One of the greatest enemies of God, Family, Church and mankind in general is the globalist worldview, which uses hoaxes such as global warming, compassionate government programs, open borders immigration, environmental treaties on one side, gun control, peace and security and expanding tax policies and regulations on the other side to impose whatever goals they have for the future of our planet. I consider this elite a demonic club and I hope President-elect Trump will continue to undermine their agenda.

So, besides these, if President Donald J. Trump will come around on his gay marriage and bathroom gender access positions to really reflect his Evangelical affiliation, and if he will at least try to do something about overturning Roe vs Wade and the gay marriage decision (maybe through his Supreme Court appointments, we’ll see…), then in 2020, if we’re still here by the grace of God, he will have my vote!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

4 răspunsuri to “2020”

  1. Frate Cristian,Dumnezeu sa te binecuvinteze cum stie El mai bine,dar te rog tare mult sa traduci mesajul si in romana ca nu inteleg engleza nici o boaba!

  2. Pentru pozitia lui Trump in probleme ca – Situatia economica dezastruoasa a -U.S.A. – problema decaderii morale a Americi, – Relatia -U.S.A. cu Israelul–am votat Trump– Adevarat nimeni nu e perfect dar am ales din doua rele ,raul cel mai mic– Sper ca Presedintele Trump sa puna in practica cea ce a promis – Iar in 2020 ma bucur ca vom avea inca unul care se alatura majoritatii care vor schimbari in bine in America –Inca un adevar – nu va fi usor pentru Trump – societatea americana e bolnava fizic si moral – necesita timp pentru vindecare – Pina atunci, GOD BLESS AMERICA

  3. Sa speram ca America nu va abandona Europa de Est in bratele lui Putin.
    Ca mi se pare ca e cam multa prietenie intre domnul Trump si tovarasul Putin.

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