People who know me and are acquainted with the values I believe in, would never accuse me of being too sympathetic toward Pastor Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church in Houston.

Also, one thing people need to know is that I am deeply concerned about people’s suffering and personal tragedies.

Nevertheless, what happened in Texas these few days, what happened on numerous occasions all over the world in the last few years, should be seen and interpreted as warning signs from a planet sickened to the core at the iniquities piled on by its inhabitants. We decry the forces of nature when unleashed against us, but seem comfortable with the forces of abortion and homosexuality who compile a storm more deadly and making more victims than all hurricanes in history combined!

Yet, this is not the particular reason for this article. It is about the outcry for Lakewood Church not opening its doors immediately for people seeking refuge from the flood.

OK, spoiled Osteen, smiling Osteen, hypocrite Osteen an so on and so forth… enough of that!

To create a safe space where thousands of people would come in such close quarters is a logistical nightmare. You remember what happened in New Orleans a decade back when hurricane Katrina struck! Horrible stories of rape, murder and filth…

First, if there is any blame to be attributed, it must go to the local authorities for not issuing a general evacuation order at least a week before the catastrophic floods. And if they didn’t think it was feasible to get that many millions out the affected areas, at least should’ve had in place enough safe and prepared spaces for an overwhelming number of people.

Remember, when such a large city gets hit by such great calamities, any institution can function as much as its people are available and in place to serve.

The people of Lakewood Church were themselves fending for their families and in their own neighborhoods, unable to reach the church or not aware they should be ready for action.

If the officials did not request help and support from all the organizations in Houston ahead of the hurricane, then why would you blame (a church of all places) for not being ready on a dime to cope with such complex and overwhelming burdens.

I think that criticism of Lakewood Church and Pastor Osteen is mere hysteria, blown out of proportion by the gotcha anti church mentality and should stop!

As far as the preaching and the doctrine of Pastor Osteen and Lakewood Church, we’ll get back at it right after this. But not gratuitously and not in accord with the kind of people who cannot pass on the opportunity to criticize a church.

Otherwise, please pray for the people of Houston and remember our strong Romanian Community there!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


  1. Osteen’s biggest problem is not whatever happened in the wake of Harvey, but that he preaches another Jesus! He can explain the debacle concerning his church and the flood victims, but not the doctrine of ‘devils’ he espouses.

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