I’m baffled when I see smart, savvy politicians choke on some tricky issue too obvious not to avoid!

I mean, it’s steaming hot, yet they try to hold it a little longer rather than just dropping it! My dear friends, quit while you’re ahead!

No matter how you’re shoveling it – who started it, who’s using it against whom, what it prevents – the separation of families at the border is unacceptable and it will not stand! Not politically, not legally and, definitely, not in the court of public opinion!

You can twist it any which way you want it, not gonna work in the end!

I know the Democrats are hypocrites: they that murder children in the mothers’ wombs, they that would gladly take away children for being raised in sound Christian faith, they that encourage the migration that causes this problem in the first place, they that are against cross proof borders that would prevent it before it becomes a crisis!

But this is the problem with the conservative mind at it’s radical best: it does not recognize passing from the territory of the mind to that of the heart!

You switch an immigration issue into a humanitarian issue and they can’t tell the difference!

I know he’s lazy, he uses drugs, he cusses etc. etc. but he’s sick and hungry! My mind judges him, yet my heart nurses and feeds him! I’m gonna side with my heart first, then I’ll think about it!

Yes, I know, liberals don’t have a heart, they just pretend! It is coldly calculated that this is a potentially hot potato in an election year and they use it for all its worth.

But it doesn’t matter! We need to do the right thing anyway! And there is room for compassion in the middle of a contentious dilemma!

I think the country, generally, is in the right place! They understand and side with the President that we need a wall, border security, comprehensive immigration reform and all that!

And I also think the country knows this issue is exploited by some for political gain!

But at its core, it’s still about families being separated and it’s not good, it doesn’t sound good, doesn’t look good!

So sign the order, reunite the families, keep them, try them, send them back, you name it! But don’t take children away from their parents! Not one, not any!

That’s it!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

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