I have to say – for what is worth, I’m using over 30 years of pastoral and interpersonal relationships experience – it is painful to watch Mrs. Ford testimony on the alleged sexual misconduct by judge Kavanaugh.

I’m the father of 10 daughters, I took special courses on victim psychology and if anyone would be a sympathetic audience for this, it would be me!

But all I see is a mercenary of the far left anti-Trump, globalist elite movement, trying to destroy a man with uncorroborated, inconsistent story, without any proof and completely inconsiderate of the basic need for fairness in a confirmation process that has become a total fiasco!

The #metoo movement is a great disservice to true victims of sexual assault and harassment!

Now, as I’m stating my personal view on this, understand that the Democrats are cleverly using a highly educated woman, very articulate and very knowledgeable in matters of psychology, using all this to gain credibility with the public!

I don’t know how all this is going to end, but one thing is clearer for me than it’s ever been: we are witnessing the last assault by liberal socialists on decency, normalcy and fairness, all in the name of women’s rights and vindication.

First strategy of the devil against women: to demean, abuse and lower their status in society.

It was all changed by Christianity who elevated and celebrated them!

Now, the same devil is pushing on the other side of the spectrum: the Ahab-isation of men who are intimidated into a position of fear and loss of authority.

Unless either Mrs. Ford provides solid proof or Mr. Kavanaugh admits to the wrongdoing, my assumption of innocence is, as it should be, with him!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

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