I’ve been born in 1963, one year before the end of what they call „the baby boomers’ generation”.

So, maybe I’m a baby boomer, just!

But I think I can have an objective perspective on my generation, having been part of it, and at the same time watching it from the threshold of the next.

I don’t like the baby boomers!

First because they abandoned for a long while the values of the prewar generations, those good people that didn’t believe in entitlement, worked hard for everything they’ve got and understood the concept of sacrificing for the good of others.

The baby boomers generation created a shock culture of folk and rock, eccentric living, rebellious attitudes, collective prostitution and hippy, unkept appearance!

By the eighties, finally understanding that life is a little more complicated, they started coming to their senses and embraced a more traditional lifestyle.

In glorifying the „silent generation” – previous to the boomers – we don’t forget that at their transition stage, they in turn ended the prohibition, unleashing a wave of alcoholism in America and they presided over the worst decision in US history, legalizing abortion!

Also, to add insult to injury, they are the ones that took God and prayer out of the public schools and, oh my, didn’t they have closets full of skeletons: children out of wedlock, affairs, corruption…

So it is safe to say that they fell into hypocrisy.

They didn’t like the boomers too much, but they had no moral authority to put them in their place either.

And now it’s the boomers turn… tenfold! Their history recorded for all eyes to see is hardly a badge of honor…

Millennials and X generations are no better in the least!

They tend to be sold into socialist ideology, bogged down in all kinds of psychological issues and difficulties, addictions and shallow thinking, hence some kind of spirituality drowned in confusion and lack of clear morality and values.

Of course I’m generalizing; it’s the stereotype and commonality of this generation.

But who’s to give them advice and correct them?

Our society is divided by personal interests, political opportunism, pragmatic worldviews, relativism and mysticism!

This cocktail of beliefs and ideologies is more than stereotypes and perceptions, it’s the result of demonic forces at work for the longest time!

Generation after generation delivered a more diluted and open creed on the purpose and fundamentals of life and apart from some sparks of revival here and there, the spiritual inheritance grew weaker and weaker…

I’m not pessimistic, it’s not in my nature, but if we’re going to assess this or any other generation based on biblical prophecies, Jesus asked in a rhetorical sense, is there going to be any faith when He returns?

Not a lot, apparently!

Now, salvation is not inherited, but faith is!

And from one generation to the next, faith has been compromised, liberalized and amended, to the point where there isn’t much left of it.

Therefore, I look to no particular generation for guidance and revival!

None is better than the next, we’re all part of a continuous decline which no one sought to reverse. We’ve been all enlisted as accomplices in the devil’s plan of suffocating truth and deny it by our sinful indulgences.

I’m looking at what keeps us busy and tied up in our downfall and I see only one recourse: global persecution! Of course I’m talking to the Christian born again believers!

That will separate us, not by generation nor by culture, but by authenticity!

And that my friends is going to be the final separation!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

Un răspuns sa “OK… BOOMER, SAYS WHO!?”

  1. “Au părăsit pe Domnul Dumnezeul părinţilor lor, care-i scosese din ţara Egiptului, și au mers după alţi dumnezei, dintre dumnezeii popoarelor care-i înconjurau; s-au închinat înaintea lor și au mâniat pe Domnul.”
    ‭‭ “Domnul S-a aprins de mânie împotriva lui Israel. El i-a dat în mâinile unor prădători care i-au prădat, i-a vândut în mâinile vrăjmașilor lor de jur împrejur și nu s-au mai putut împotrivi vrăjmașilor lor.”

    “Domnul a ridicat judecători ca să-i izbăvească din mâna celor ce-i prădau. Dar ei n-au ascultat nici de judecătorii lor, căci au curvit cu alţi dumnezei și s-au închinat înaintea lor. În curând s-au abătut de la calea pe care o urmaseră părinţii lor și n-au ascultat de poruncile Domnului, ca și ei. Când le ridica Domnul judecători, Domnul era cu judecătorul și-i izbăvea din mâna vrăjmașilor lor în tot timpul vieţii judecătorului, căci Domnului I se făcea milă de suspinele scoase de ei împotriva celor ce-i apăsau și-i chinuiau. Dar, după moartea judecătorului, se stricau din nou, mai mult decât părinţii lor, ducându-se după alţi dumnezei, ca să le slujească și să se închine înaintea lor, și stăruiau în această purtare și împietrire. Atunci, Domnul S-a aprins de mânie împotriva lui Israel și a zis: „Fiindcă neamul acesta a călcat legământul Meu pe care-l poruncisem părinţilor lor și fiindcă n-au ascultat de glasul Meu, nu voi mai izgoni dinaintea lor niciunul din neamurile pe care le-a lăsat Iosua când a murit. Astfel, prin ele, voi pune pe Israel la încercare, ca să știu dacă vor căuta sau nu să urmeze calea Domnului, cum au căutat părinţii lor.””
    ‭‭Judecătorii‬ ‭2:16-10…


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