I will start by saying… I believe some of these conspiracy theories have merit!

Not because the people spreading them might have inside knowledge, nor because I’m the suspicious type!

My stand has to do with biblical world view and prophecy, which gives me an end result that can only be achieved through a vast global conspiracy!

The type which only fits the Antichrist taking charge of the whole planet!

I think that in order to come up with a conspiracy theory you don’t necessarily need investigations, just observation and common sense.

You look to who says what, where, when, with whom and why… Just follow Bill Gates for example.

Another piece of the puzzle is the suspect cohabitation of the media and liberal-progressive forces in the world. Journalism has one reason and one reason only for losing its objectivity, and that’s being purchased infiltrated and hijacked by people with means and causes!

All is left to do is peel its layers and throw the conspiracy under logic and common sense!

First layer: the political target, neutralizing the good economy as an argument for President Trump’s re-election! The undercurrent goal might be testing and bringing the whole population into submission, seeing how it works, how it can be imposed and for how long!

Second layer: the medical target, finding a very good reason for coercing the whole population to accept mandatory vaccination!

Third and the deepest layer is religious in nature and the targets are the churches of practicing Christians!

The State needs all these tests and components in its strategy of getting to take absolute control in the not so distant future!

We deeply regret the loss of life, any loss of life! But the numbers don’t add up, the measures seem to be extreme, the implementation very harsh and inconsiderate of faith and religious organizations!

I am waiting to see how things are going to develop, but a also keep my mind open and listen to the conspiracy theories! Some are very plausible and we’ll see what happens…

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

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