No, I’m not going to be philosophical about police brutality, riots and destruction and the discriminatory 1st Amendment application to peaceful protests vs violent protests a week later!

But I want to be biblical! Because everything that’s happening is predictable! We should have seen it coming!

A generation without virtues, that is what our education system has created! Being mere animals without a moral compass and without absolute truths, this is our jungle culture, a place where nobody is safe! Don’t forget, at the basis of the evolution theory is brutality!

Abortion devalued life, entitlements devalued hard work, obscene and profane entertainment devalued civility, the disintegration of the family and the discrediting of the church devalued authority and the environmental and socialist policies devalued freedom and patriotism!

We live in a man made society and it’s not pretty!

Whatever societal structures man creates without God, this will always lead to anarchy, followed by tyranny and poverty!

What escapes our politicians, mainstream media, entertainment industry, educators and many religious leaders, even in this crucial hour, is that whatever is wrong with this country is their own doing, their project!

They’ve perpetrated this for decades, they’ve been in control of these institutions, cities and states for many years, they’ve spent our money with abandonment, they’ve changed the laws and they’ve altered the fabric of this nation, they’ve reinterpreted the Constitution, they’ve redefined values and morals, they’ve defiled the sacred and now they ask for more power and control, more time, more money, more of what they’ve done already to destroy these places!

Not only are they not taking responsibility for the disasters they’ve created, they’re blaming us!

And they want to export their recipes, that is… spread the misery everywhere else!

I don’t know how this particular crisis is going to end, but it’s not going to end well, unless…

Unless we the people pray, repent, turn to God and vote these ruthless, Godless and shameless liars out of office! It is biblical and it is right!

Maybe it’s not too late…

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

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  1. You are perfectly right.God bless you!

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