Nope, it’s not about the presidential bid! That was a joke anyway!

It’s about famous people finding… Jesus! Putting His name in that phrase seems like taking it in vain.

I still remember how berserk the media and many Christian circles went over his conversion. It was a circus!

Even Joel Osteen took advantage of the rapper’s compelling witness, inviting him to speak in his mega church in Houston.

President Trump had him visit the White House! Who wouldn’t want such endorsement, especially in this race charged political season…

It only took one rally to show how deep and wide that conversion was! I’m not talking about Kanye West betraying his family, the President or himself, all of which he did, showing a disturbed, unstable and chaotic individual you would not entrust with picking up your kids from school in the afternoon…

But as with all these celebrities who find religion at some point in their lives, you cannot trust them either to get it right, nor to hold on to it for longer than it takes a certain Coronavirus to make its rounds.

Beyond using an imaginary conversation with… a god, cussing back and forth at each other, Kanye West makes it a mockery and diminishes the gravity and urgency of paramount issues such as abolishing abortion!

Not being able to shake the potty mouth of rap music, proves that the new birth never took place, and embracing such specimens is very, very dangerous for Christianity!

All you get from these people, beside some world recognition which the Church shouldn’t be concerned with nor desperate for to begin with, is later embarrassment and the creation of Christianity on the side, which is already a problem we are struggling with anyway!

What I think Kanye West and many, many others like him lack is true repentance!

Maybe they want to, maybe they would have, but WE won’t let them!

Immediately parading and showing them off, that is not going to prove “hey, see, we are not all that dated… weird people are coming to us and we embrace them”, but instead it is going to backfire in a way that is as damaging as it is simple: “what do you say now” type of simple!

What Kanye West needed if he really wanted to convert is to deny himself, repent in obscurity, keep away from preaching, renounce and denounce his art and become a regular Christian in a regular local church!

But we won’t let them! Even in the Romanian Evangelical Community which I’m most familiar with, as soon as somebody famous comes along, oh, the shows, the concerts, the special events, the interviews…

And, ladies and gentlemen, that won’t be a problem for the World and not in the least for its celebrities! They have a way of coexisting if certain criteria is met, like not completely shake off of each other’s interests!

But for us it is! That’s why I was very reluctant to support President Trump, and even now, I’m not supporting brother Trump because he doesn’t exist! But President Trump, yeah, sure!

He did what he promised, at least he tried very hard, he was very favorable to Christians and religion in general… I’m impressed!

But being born again? That needs genuine faith and repentance and to be proven in time!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


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