Going to a specific church, a private organization or institution, founded on certain principles and promoting specific values, funded by people that embrace those values is a choice depending on whether you agree with the same or not!

You can always ignore and avoid people or organizations you disagree with!

But in this country there’s something for everybody! People have choices!

Of course, there’s discourse in the arena of ideas, and there is a neutral place where people can meet and argue!

You would think that schools, scientific conferences and the media are public, neutral places where everybody is welcome and may the truth prevail!

Not anymore! Religion and creation are forbidden in public schools even though evolution has never been proven beyond the hypothetical, science has been politicized to the point it is forced to dance to the beat of the progressive/globalist agenda, and media is no longer about information but rather about liberal indoctrination!

Everybody and anything that questions, contradicts or even strays a bit from the provided talking points is immediately taken to the woodshed and never ever heard from again!

It doesn’t matter that you have dozens of doctors, scientists, researchers, all trying to speak on this Coronavirus subject! The moment they say that Hydroxychloroquine works, schools should be reopen, masks are just a gimmick, or that there is hope for a cure or a treatment instead of the greatly anticipated vaccine, their video is removed, their website shut down, their names rolled through the mud, their presentation labeled as false information!

I say, if you are really about “saving lives”, debate them, ask them to prove their claims, prove them wrong, expose them as liars if that’s what they are, but don’t silence them!

It’s appalling, it’s un-American and it is wrong!

The enemy we have to deal with is demonic in nature, political in implementation, criminal in its intentions and immoral in its applications!

Whatever the mainstream media says I don’t believe anymore!

Yesterday I’ve talked to a very, very smart doctor (I’m not giving his name, it’s dangerous nowadays to do that in America) and I saw disappointment and disgust in his statement:

As an MD I rely on specialists to advise and give directions on how to approach different diseases and diagnostics! The mixed signals, inconsistencies and contradictory information we get… I don’t even know what to think! They’ve politicized the pandemic on all levels to the point it’s not about science and saving lives anymore, it’s all about political and even financial goals!

Censorship is here, and where there’s censorship, truth is repressed and persecution follows shortly thereafter!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


  1. Unfortunately you are right brother! These progressivist/ globalists activist got a hold of this country main media and transformed this beautiful once free open country into what we see and almost don’t recognize it anymore! May the Lord have mercy on us.

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