Jeremiah 10:21 “For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the Lord: therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered.”

Ieremia 10:21 “Păstorii s-au prostit, n-au căutat pe Domnul; pentru aceea n-au propășit și li se risipesc toate turmele.”

He announced that his Atlanta based church will keep its doors closed until the end of the year!

Trying to justify this decision, he makes some profound logical and theological errors.

First, he says that Jesus never commanded us to meet as a church!

It’s so completely false, you don’t even know where to start confronting it!

Not only He gathered the disciples for three uninterrupted years, but he constantly and continuously gathered multitudes around Him to preach and teach the principles of the Kingdom!

Moreover, the Apostles established as an existential foundation for all churches to be together, gathered in the name of Jesus Christ!

But Stanley continues to explain himself by saying that they cannot offer the quality of church meetings that would be expected of a church that size.

So… nothing is better than something?

Obviously, Andy Stanley is counting on their online activities to keep the church together for the rest of the year. He has absolutely no clue as to how much damage this is going to inflict upon the spirituality of a Christian.

He is saying that he has faith that the church will not only survive but thrive after this self imposed quarantine. How pathetic! He doesn’t have faith to keep the church open, he has faith to keep it closed! He doesn’t have faith to obey the Scriptures, he has faith to disobey! Some kind of faith he has!

Also, he is saying that as far as safety is concerned, they cannot provide certainty to the people attending their services! Ouch!

They will NEVER be able to provide certainty! Certainty is when we go to heaven… or for some in hell! Those are places of absolute certainty! Here on earth we dwell in the middle of many uncertainties!

He is also blabbering about if someone from the staff getting sick, then the church is responsible for contact tracing and that would be impossible etc.

Well, anything can be explained!

In the end, pastors such as Andy Stanley are giving in to our worst fears, pandering to the liberal agenda, favoring the flesh rather than the Spirit and abdicating the sacred responsibility of a shepherd, to gather they flocks and keep them together!

Andy Stanley is wrong in what he says, but maybe he is right to keep his church closed, maybe forever, and spare us the heretical teachings he perpetrated upon us in the last few years!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


  1. Ma intreb si eu acuma oare dece nu o inchis omu asta biserica cu mult timp inainte sa vina pandemia?dece o asteptat pana acuma?
    Daca noi nu putem sa facem Tot ce o zis Domnu Isus sa facem, dece sa facem ceva ca nu o zis sa facem?
    Ce folos sa mai mearga oameni la biserica(lui) dupa ce o deschide daca Domnu Isus nu o poruncit sa ne adunam?
    O Doamne ai mila de noi….
    nu am crezut vreodata ca am sa aud asaceva dela un “pastor” crestin.
    Ma gandesc oare fratii din BEREA nu mai au neamuri printre noi deloc?

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