I said from the start that I didn’t know if this vaccine is the mark of the beast.

I don’t accept the interpretations that what we find in the book of Revelation should be taken metaphorically or spiritually. As a matter of fact, I think it is full of metaphors that need to be taken in a literal sense.

But I know that when the mark will come, it won’t be advertised as such. The Bible clearly states that most people will be deceived.

Something else I know is that the mark will be a physical implant. Until recently we were set on some kind of a microchip inserted under the skin on people’s foreheads and/or right hands.

A few years ago I read an article published in a magazine with a favorable view on microchip implants, lamenting about the possibility that a person would be able to take it out if they didn’t want it anymore. The author proposed that nanotechnology offered a better option via vaccination. An artificial plasma that would take over the whole skin of a person would be a more permanent option since nobody can survive without skin. And, the brilliance in biblical prophecy, if scanners would try to read your skin, where would it be more available for that: the forehead if it looks at you from above, or the hand if it is at your level.

But, what about the Covid vaccines?

There are billions of them on this planet that had no repercussions. As a matter of fact, they were so inconsequential that the vaccinated were left unprotected against the virus anyway.

Others, could be in the thousands or more, were less fortunate. Many died hours after being vaccinated.

As we are bombarded with conflicting information (to be read “misinformed”), we have a right to be suspicious.

I suspect that most vaccines are clear water! No vaccines at all! That’s why vaccinated people are as vulnerable as the rest of us.

Those that have immediate side effects or even die, are the ones tested with what will be the ultimate “vaccine”, the mark of the beast. That’s why we have so many stages, boosters, variants and such. To give them the ability to test a lot, test repeatedly, analyze the results, make adjustments and develop the thing as fast as possible. They’re in a hurry…

Beyond the religious convictions that should be taken into consideration, I believe that the way they recklessly rush this through even against their own guidelines and protocols, should be enough to make it clear that what we are witnessing is mass crimes against humanity and human kind!

As they used to give shots to babies in Romania, they would slap the baby’s behind a few times before poking them. The baby wouldn’t know the difference between the slap and the poke.

I think it’s the same with this vaccine and its boosters. Slap, slap, slap and poke!

So, if you don’t want to be poked, don’t let them slap you!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


  1. Fiți binecuvântat.Majoritatea celor necredinciosi ar spune că sunteți conspiraționist scriind acest articol,dar nu e așa .Aproape tot ce era conspirație în urmă cu un an si ceva e azi realitatte(vaccine mandates, testarea obligatorie la muncă, certificatul verde etc)ceva e tare putred în toată treaba asta la nivel mondial.Am auzit o vorbă interesantă: “poate nu e 666,dar sigur e 665” . Nu știm exact ce este dar libertatea de decizie trebuie să fie deplină.
    Drepturile findamentale într-o democrație sunt mai importante decât viața insăși. Be blessed !

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