The following message had been prepared in consultation with the family, the legal consulting team and reflects our consensus to do everything possible and at the right time, so that the Bodnariu family would be reunited. As the process continues, depending on how things are going to evolve, we will inform you about the next steps.

There are many objective factors that limit our ability to disclose all information related to this case, and its success or failure depends largely on our confidentiality.

We know and you have demonstrated your support. We appeal to your understanding and patience, reassuring you of these parents’ innocence and our resolve to pursue this case relentlessly until we have a positive resolution.Through this process we count on your help and involvement, as we will let you know when and how we need to act.

„First I would like to thank all that prayed and fasted for the Marius and Ruth Bodnariu family’s cause.

The situation is far from over and following Monday’s deliberations, the decision was to go ahead with this trial. The parents are not yet in the possession of the hearing documents, but had received the following information:

1. There is no physical proof of abuse.

They couldn’t see their children since they were taken, and since Monday they didn’t have access to the little baby anymore. Even though in the indictment they started from the accusation of radical Christianity (the parents and grandparents being very Christian) – besides other points, children witnessing in school, the grandparents teaching them about sin, that God punishes sin – and all this creates a psychological handicap in the development of the children, PC (Child Protection Services) tried to build this case on abuse, a simple pull of the ear or light spanking to one of the children constituting an infraction according to their laws.

All this being said, no evidence of abuse was found.

2. Friday, November 27th, the parents will be heard in front of a commission.

The parents are confident in their innocence (they did nothing other than any loving parent would do) therefore they hold hope that a positive response will come from the authorities and, in that sense, they will give no further statements until that date, so that would not negatively impact their case. Let us continue to pray and fast, those of you who could on Friday, and we know that our hope is in God who keeps watch over His children and answers their prayers!”

For the family,

Daniel Bodnariu

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA

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