Just received another article published by a Norwegian Christian journal. The automatic translation is somewhat difficult to follow, but good enough to understand the general idea.

And it’s all wrong!

First, the premise from which they start the argument, the laws in Norway on child education and discipline: who is deciding the what and how about it and who is better qualified to do it, the parents or the government? They decidedly think it’s the State!

Secondly, they put on the immediate family the responsibility for not getting enough information, which is nonsense since the very same laws are preventing them from openly talking about the case. Of course, the government cannot prevent them from sharing their sorrow with the extended family and friends, so ultimately you need to make a decision: you will either believe that the laws are good, the State is righteous, these parents are monsters and the best interest of the children is to take them away from the natural environment of the family and create an artificial utopia, which by the way, many more times than otherwise has proven to be toxic for the development of a child, or trust the parents with raising their children as they see fit, provided the life and moral integrity of the child is not in imminent danger. But even then, such assessments could be subject to interpretation and abuse. In the end, the media has only Barnevernet to blame for the lack of meaningful information about disputed cases, but you have to ask yourselves, who is benefiting from this… confidentiality? 

I say, if the parents are not contesting the charges, keep the matter private! But if the parents are fighting back, be as transparent as possible! 

Still, there are too many things Barnevernet need to and should answer for:

  • Why did they – allegedly, yes, but by so many parties involved with such cases – try to prevent the Bodnarius from getting legal representation?
  • Why did their agents try to coerce Ruth, than Marius, to turn against each other? Is this a case of overzelotry or is it a manner in which they conduct their affairs? This too had been documented as a common procedure!
  • Why did their agents, otherwise so committed to confidentiality and… professionalism, terrorize Marius and Ruth with inside information of the great indifference of the older children toward their parents and the immediate good disposition toward their new environment?
  • Why did they break even their already harsh and anti-parents laws, by not allowing the mother immediate acces to the baby?
  • What kind of an organization is this, that tells the parents as they are waiting to see their boys, that Barnevernet had… forgot to bring them for the visitation!?
  • What kind of an institution can be so independent that the monarchy, the government, the courts have absolutely no power over them: there is a case that had been won in the Norwegian Supreme Court, but Barnevernet had managed to ignore it for almost two years and still placed those children for adoption! By the way, that happens to be another Romanian family!

I say, Christian media, organizations and governmental institutions in Norway: you had become accomplices, facilitators and defenders to this ruthless, barbaric and godless system! Shame on you!

You hide behind bad laws instead of challenging and changing them!

You cower from and cater to this evil institution of so called child protection services instead of confronting it!

I’d rather be proven wrong for fighting for the wrong cause even if uninformed, than accepting the story of the State institutions, unfiltered and unchallenged!

About Cristian Ionescu

Pastor Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago, USA


  1. Multumesc inca o data, Pastor Ionescu, pentru informatie despre cazul aceasta. Sambata ne vom aduna in Piata Unirii Cluj-Napoca sa facem o (mica) demonstratie. Va rog, din care jurnal norvegian crestin ai vazut articolul?

  2. Vä multumesc frate Cristian, excelentä replicä. Ati putea sä-mi trimiteti articolul original din ziarul norvegian? Doresc sä-l ofer mai departe altor norvegieni crestini cunoscuti.
    Vä doresc binecuvintarea Domnului si o zi plinä de succes, miine la Washington.
    PS Peste o säptäminä vom fi si noi la Wienna. Suntem in plinä activitate.

  3. Ah, acum observ. A-ti postat deja link-ul solicitat. Thank You!

  4. Ah, merci – este acealasi jurnal ca data trecuta, dar un jurnalist diferit. I-am scris jurnalistului ce a scris primul articol dar n-am primit un raspuns de la el. Eu stiu limba daneza – am stat acolo 5 ani – si danesa este ca limba norvegiana veche, deci voi incerca sa citesc articolul, dar pot sa cred ca ati inteles bine. (Imi pare rau ca nu scriu limba romana asa corect – sunt un englez.)

  5. Pace Frate Ionescu,

    Dupa ce m-am informat si am vazut toate abuzurile comise chiar nu mai am liniste.

    Mi-a venit o idee mai „nebunatica”.
    Daca cu protestele nu se va misca nimic, nu considerati ca ar fi bine fiecare in fata caselor noastre sa le facem ” o reclama”.
    Suntem milioane de romani raspanditi toata lumea si cred ce-l putin i-am obliga la niste raspunsuri.

    • Nu stiu care este mottoul si logo-ul lor dar poate le facem noi unul original, potrivit cu realitatea.
      Va dati seama cum ar arata sa intalnesti peste tot aceeasi „reclama”.
      Cred ca i-am constientiza pe multi cu ce se ocupa „Protectia copilului” in mai multe tari nu numai in Norvegia. Sa fim sinceri cati dintre noi stiam cu ce se „ocupa”.
      Eu cred ca D-zeu are un plan cu noi, nu degeaba a ales o familie de credinciosi sa darame un sistem satanic. Trebiue sa fim uniti!!!

  6. deja toata lumea cu care lucram , cu care avem contacte , biserica de americani, prieteni de prieteni au auzit si stiu .. ce se intampla in Norvegia si tarile nordice…reclama sigur le facem

  7. Let’s make some bumper stickers with Norway and Barnevernet.



    […] gjengir her en artikkel skrevet av en pastor i en amerikansk pinsemenighet som har involvert seg i en norsk/rumensk […]

  2. Timeline of Norway's CPS taking 5 children from the Bodnariu family - - 29 ianuarie 2016

    […] article here) · popaspentrusuflet – So called Norwegian christian press has it all wrong (read full article here) · onenewsnow- Adoption of 5 seized christian children initiated (read full article here) · […]

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